Book Review: Broken Harbor by Tana French is the BEST BOOK.


There are very few authors I love more than Tana French. I know this is not her most recent book–The Secret Place came out more recently but it takes me roughly a year to recover from reading one of her books and I am behind. They are so intense! Continue reading


Finishing Books

I have a confession. I have now started about four books and can’t finish any of them. Either I put them down for too long or I dislike the writing so much it’s hard to get through or the subject matter involves female characters being stupid or a random violence plot that pulls me out of the story. (Sometimes I feel like authors pick “shock factors” to make their writing seem more legit.

Maybe it’s me, though. Four very different books is a lot of books to start and not finish. My attention span is getting worse in my old age. I’m not sure I even want to read these days unless I know I’m in for an awesome read.

And where are these recommendations even coming from? Mostly the internet. maybe some friends. I’ve been doing Book Bub to get cheap deals and all I’ve ended up with is crap that doesn’t make me want to read.

I think I will pick up The Name of the Wind again. I got about 200 pages in and was a little depressed by what was happening but I know so many people that love it.

So that’s a probably too-long explanation about why I can’t seem to update this blog often. I can’t finish a book; ergo I can’t write about a half-finished book.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dialogue Tags

Good advice for new writers

A Writer's Path


Writers use dialogue tags constantly. In fact, we use them so often that readers all but gloss over them. They should be invisible. However, there are ways to misuse them and make them stand out.

In an effort to avoid that, let’s take a closer look at dialogue tags. Toward the end of “Tag travesties” is something I sorely wish someone had told me before I started writing.

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